Anicka Austin: Archiving the Personal
Anicka Austin: Archiving the Personal



Anicka Austin: Archiving the Personal

Discrit presents Archiving the Personal, a discussion and workshop focused on artists’ use and creation of archival collections.

In the event's first half, Anicka Austin leads a group discussion with Dr. Julie B. Johnson (dance artist and educator, Department of Dance, Spelman College) and Holly Smith (archivist and memory worker at Spelman College) that investigates the many ways artists relate to, connect with, and build stories around archives.

A workshop by Austin follows, designed for early to mid-career artists who are interested in learning practical tools for organizing, preserving, and documenting their creative process. Austin's presentation also touches upon the benefits of developing a personalized, intentional archiving practice, from facilitating grant applications to cultivating a full picture of your work for future generations and communities of scholars and artists.

Event audio below: